Cow Protection

Many wonder why the Vedic and Vaishnava cultures especially stress protection of the cow. The philosophical reason is simple: The cow is considered one of our mothers, as she gives us her milk and thus nurtures our health and well being. Just as no civilized person would injure or kill their mother, the Vedas teach that to take milk from the cow and then kill her is the same as killing one’s mother. Similarly, the bull is considered like the father because the bull traditionally helps in the tilling of the fields, and thus is to be respected. Srila Prabhupada writes in Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.2.29)

“Cow is the mother and the bull the father of the human being. The cow is the mother because just as one sucks the breast of one’s mother, human society takes cow’s milk. Similarly, the bull is the father of human society because the father earns for the children just as the bull tills the ground to produce food grains.”

In our Bhaktivedanta Goshala, currently we are serving about 200 indigenous cows of Rathi and Gir breed. We are getting ample amount of milk that we offer to the deities along with ghee and milk products. We have expert and experienced devotees who are taking care of the cows very nicely.The cows feel very much happy in their natural habitat and are often taken for grazing in the hill-bottoms.

Regardless of milk production, cows and bulls also produce dung and urine which is valuable as fertilizer, compost, some medicines, cleaning products and bio-gas fuel. 

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